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Communicating Net Zero

Bold commitments like net-zero demonstrate your business is alert to the climate emergency. To communicate beyond the headline commitments, brands must stick with the basics.

Transparency is the essential ingredient. Without it, you’ve given stakeholders little reason to trust you. Thomas Day of NewClimate Institute was quoted in the Guardian saying: "We were very disappointed and surprised at how much room for improvement there was … companies need to be much more transparent about these goals."

Great sustainability communication speaks with ambition, honesty and humility

Methodologies and best practises are still in their infancy. So it’s ok to show your homework and take stakeholders along with your journey. Great sustainability communication can do this whilst speaking with ambition, honesty and humility. It doesn't overstate achievements. It speaks compellingly about the real efforts you are making towards your goals.

Speaking with your stakeholders this way engages them on a personal level – we are all trying to work through the same maze. Taking them on the journey with you develops a deeper, long-lasting, connection with your brand. It makes them proud to use your products or services.