it's not only a report poster

Good reporting matters

A sustainability report is the cornerstone of a transparent and credible strategy. It explains why and how you're committing to a sustainable future, and houses the data to back up your claims. Being such a comprehensive document it is important that it communicates your message clearly. At their core, good reports communicate complex ideas and data in a digestible way.

Honest communication builds trust.

Take Nike’s 2019 report, the information hierarchy, infographics and tables make it easy to understand what they’re trying to achieve. One particularly good example is their Targets Summary on page 7, it divides up the categories with clear headings and uses infographics to help break up the sub categories. The report also shows how Nike are progressing towards its  goals, even when they haven’t reached their targets. It does this clearly by using colour coded arrows like those used for stock prices. Honest communication builds trust.

Yet, for brands such as Nike, the report isn’t a standalone document, it’s part of a whole communication strategy. The same messaging used in their reports is applied to social media posts and their more sustainable products. These companies make sustainability a key part of their brand identity. They maximise value from their commitment to our collective future ensuring their business remains relevant for years to come.